July Shopping List

2nd July 2019

Thank you to everyone who donated food and other essentials to us last month.

Below is this months list of our most needed items, if you would consider donating anything off the list below we would be very grateful.


  1. Tinned fish
  2. UHT & Powdered Milk
  3. Rice Pudding & Custard
  4. Tinned Fruit
  5. Snack bars
  6. Chocolate Bars
  7. Sponge pudding
  8. Washing Up Liquid
  9. Laundry capsules
  10. Shampoo and conditioner
  11. Shower gel & soap



You could also consider donating to us financially, click here to find out how even a small financial gift can make a big difference to people in crisis in our community.

Thank you again for your continued support.


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