Thank you Epping Forest District Council for your support

4th February 2020

Epping Forest Foodbank would like to thank Epping Forest District Council for their generous funding of £5000 through the Grant Aid scheme. With this support, we will be able to continue helping support local people in crisis.

This grant is in recognition of the important work we do in the local community. In 2019 alone, we have provided 18,460 meals to local people in crisis.

The council has already provided us with extra funding to help us over the festive period on top of our grant.

We are pleased that the council recognises the valuable work we provide to residents of Epping Forest in need and the wider community. The work we do supports the aims of the Council, notably Corporate Plan Objective 4 – safeguarding and supporting people in vulnerable situations. We are very proud to be working alongside them as we aim to end poverty in the district.

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