Thank You!

23rd December 2020

This has been a tough year for everyone. But even in these troubling times, our community has come out to support us in many different ways.

As a community, you have donated an amazing 34.9 tons of food and other essentials this year! Every donation made helps local people in crisis, so thank you to everyone who’s supported us, including donating funds and volunteering time.

We also wanted to say a special thank you to a few members of our community who’ve gone above and beyond to help us this year.

In the summer, Tom, Megan & Tom held a driveway concert for their neighbours in order to fundraise for us. We are extremely grateful to have received an amazing £350 from this event!

Friends Lex and Sharon put a poster out to friends and neighbours and collected lots of Christmas food, as well as Costa gift cards, for us to give to our clients this festive season.

We received a very generous donation of a turkey from an anonymous lady when she realised she was going away and couldn’t get a refund. When we told her about a lady we support she then made it into a whole Christmas meal including a pudding! She sent us extra gift cards for the money needed to pay for the rest of the meal.

Today we received a donation from Paul at ‘The Biker’s Tea Hut’. They have been fundraising for us all year with the help of their customers, collecting donations in a tin.

We’d also like to say a big thank you to all the companies who have donated food to us during this difficult year. When everything shut down, companies who could no longer trade donated their stocks of food to us, ensuring items which would have been thrown away went to those in need.

With all your support, we will be able to continue helping support local people in crisis. From everyone at Epping Forest Foodbank, thank you.

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