Return to Doorstep Deliveries

28th December 2020

Statement from our Interim Project Manager

Dear friends,

The safety and health of our volunteers and clients are of paramount importance, and with the news that Epping Forest is moving into Tier 4 we have decided to revert back to a delivery-only service as we did during the first national lockdown. This will mean there are fewer opportunities for social interaction and will, therefore, reduce the spread of the virus, whilst still ensuring that everyone who is in need of emergency food has access to it.

This week, we reverted back to offering doorstep deliveries exclusively. The last distribution centre for the foreseeable future was at the Hope Centre at St Mary’s Church, Loughton on Wednesday 23th December 2020.

Those requiring food still need to access a frontline professional agency for support, advice and a referral who will then advise about the delivery service.

I also want to thank you for all your support during a difficult year,

all your donations, time and prayers are invaluable to the work of EFFB. To help keep travel to a minimum, in line with the national guidelines, the warehouse will be closed for donations until Wednesday 6th January 2021. If you have donations for us, we would really appreciate it if you could hold onto them until the New Year.

Thank you for your support and sharing this message across the District.


Hannah Henley

Interim Project Manager

Epping Forest Foodbank



  • Many people referred to us in financial crisis are unable to get to us at this time of self-isolation or social distancing. They may be disabled or have mobility issues. We want to protect them and enable them to stay safe in their homes while being able to access emergency food.
  • We support many families with young children. We want to make accessing EFFB easier for them through doorstep delivery, especially as their children will be at home.
  • We also want to protect our volunteers, staff and people in crisis: minimising contact and enabling people to physical distance as much as possible while still getting the crisis help they need.

Watch our video all about how our Doorstep Delivery service works here.

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