1,000 people fed in 8 weeks

22nd February 2021

In the first 8 weeks of 2021, Epping Forest Foodbank has passed a landmark 1000 people provided with 3-day emergency ‘bags of hope’. This is compared to 230 in 2020 and 185 in 2019. This staggering 334% increase from last year is heartbreaking; it is not right that households in our district cannot afford the basics.

We know those 1,000 people have been treated with every ounce of the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve, from the moment they spoke to the agency they reached out to for support during this challenging time to them receiving the food on their doorstep.

EFFB is about more than just providing food, it is about ending the cycle of poverty and ensuring that people do not become dependant on food banks. This is why we work alongside 155 agencies to ensure that people get the help they need so they do not have to turn to us.

The agencies we work alongside support people with money advice, mental health support, family breakdown, homelessness, unemployment, no recourse to public funds for as long as it is needed.

Thanks to the generosity of the local community donating food, money and their time we have the capacity to extend this support to anyone in the entire district, delivery to your doorstep while our centres are closed.

If you need help, it is only a phone call away. Click here to find an agency you can contact to get help.

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