Redundancy Support in Essex

12th April 2021

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, “The Children, Families and Mental Health Commissioning Team” within Essex County Council have put together a digital package to support those facing redundancy in our community.  This useful resource is designed to act as a starting point to help find and navigate practical help that is available to individuals and families who have lost their job or been damaged by the economic effects of the pandemic in other ways.

This useful resource is a ‘one-stop shop’ that brings together much available local support. It can be found on the Essex Opportunities Website and contains:

  • Practical guidance on how to access supplementary and emergency finance and housing services
  • Guidance on training and employment opportunities
  • A guide intended to support mental health services, provide access to therapy and help in sustaining relationships.

You can find and download the full guide here.

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