Coronavirus & Your Money

The outbreak of coronavirus means that you may need to self-­isolate, this may then impact on your ability to work, your earnings, or stop you from doing things you normally need to do to claim benefits.

We have put together a list of resources to help you if you are struggling financially due to the impact of coronavirus.

You can also find our list of local partner agencies who can provide long term support if needed to help address the issues behind the reasons for your crisis here.

Loss of income?

  • National Debtline has put together a factsheet to help if you have lost income due to the pandemic.
  • Turn2us has a benefits calculator, if your income has been reduced you may be eligible to apply for Universal Credit.
  • Turn2us can also help you find grants you might be able to apply for if you are struggling to pay for essential costs.
  • Citizens Advice Epping Forest can support you to make a new claim for Universal Credit, from opening your account to receiving your first full payment.

Struggling to pay your bills?

  • Epping Forest District Council offer Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) to people on low incomes to help with their Council Tax bill.
  • Ofgem has advice on who to contact if it’s difficult paying energy bills.
  • Water UK has advice on what to do if you are struggling to pay your water bill.
  • TV Licensing have provided advice on what to do if you are struggling to afford your TV Licence.
  • Money Advice Service has advice if you are having problems paying your phone or broadband bill.

Can’t pay your debts?

Owe money to an illegal money lender?

  • Stop Loan Sharks can investigate and prosecute loan sharks and illegal money lenders you have borrowed money from.

You are not in trouble if you have borrowed cash or have been paying back a loan from an illegal money lender, the loan shark is. They are the people committing a crime, not you.

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